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Get the earth shaking gain of ENGL​

Get the earth shaking gain of ENGL​ - IK Multimedia-s

Experience the innovative high-gain German amplifier manufacturer ENGL on your iPhone/iPad. These 2 sought-after models give classic metal to modern hard rock players new high-end power tools to perfectly sculpt their tones in AmpliTube iOS.

The ENGL E650: An all-tube head that can conjure up classic rock-god tones from the ‘80s and ‘90s as well as the heavy crunch and distortion of tomorrow’s tone connoisseurs.

The ENGL Powerball: An amp head that’s earned its reputation as one of the most powerful and versatile modern high-gain amplifiers off the potent combination of its brutal rhythm tones, super high-gain lead tones and ultra-clean sounds.

Both amp heads are available now as in-app purchases for only $/€6.99 each. Add what’s missing from your rig and get the ENGL E650 and ENGL Powerball today!