GH4 Cage with HDMI Saver (No Handles)

3DGuy GH4 Cage with HDMI Saver-2The most fragile part of this robust camera is the HDMI port. If you use the HDMI maybe you already experienced, first hand, the repair nightmare. You know it’s a major issue when Panasonic doesn’t have the part in stock because of the volume of repairs!

It happened to me and I decided to do something about it.

3DGuy GH4 Cage with HDMI Saver-3
First, I think the prices of Cages and accessories has gotten out of control. Has anyone else noticed that as the camera prices have gone down, the accessories have sky-rocketed? And what about the weight? Our nice small lightweight system becomes a BRICK with most of these cage accessories.
The 3DGuy has a solution. This 3D Printed Cage will save you HDMI AND keep your beautiful light camera, light!

The important stuff:

  • Light but strong
  • Easy access to the battery
  • Easy access to the memory card
  • Two cold shoes for mounting other accessories



On Shapeways it is on sale for $85.00. But if you buy direct from al(at)3dguy(dot)tv, you can get 2 for $100 (Minimum order. Shipping not included.)
So team up with a friend or get two for yourself. Save $35 off each one!

*This is a limited time offer subject to change without notice. Limited to available supply.

More actual product photos can be seen at our Facebook Page.