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Hidden Gems @ CES 2016 Spin Master

Spin master is a Canadian Toy and Entertainment company that that has been designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing consumer products for children around the world since 1994.

In a quiet corner of the Sands Convention Center they have been “wowing” people with a very cool game that combines a safe indoor drone with augmented reality. With AirHogs you fly the drone while engaging in missions and completing goals that are on your smart tablet or smartphone. You may be shooting aliens or rescuing people or putting out fires.










To start, you lay out the augmented reality mat on the floor and point your tablet or phone towards the mat. You get about 7-10 minutes of fly time before a recharge is needed but you can get through your mission in that time.

It’s worth noting that the quad is a completely new product and Spin Master’s first to include LED lights, which are necessary for creating the augmented reality experience. It’s also easy to fly. The drone immediately parks itself in a neutral hover mode shortly after take off and just sits there. That’s its default flight position until you steer it left/right or up/down.


Look for Spin Master to come out this fall in time for the holiday gift season. It’ll most likely carry a list price of $199.99 in the US. No word yet on international pricing.