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Is It Nik-Sam or Sam-Kon? Or Not At All










First, Samsung said nothing, but withdrew the NX Camera line from Europe. Then they added the UK and Canada, but not the US. The rumor mongers went in speculation overdrive.

How could Samsung after only a few short years be pulling a struggling but highly rated mirrorless camera system from the market? We heard something was up. Germany had stopped producing the vaunted BSI sensor.

On Facebook, loyal NX users, of which I am one, cried foul. Samsung say it isn’t true! Say you haven’t abandoned us, especially after the money we invested.

One thing is for sure the NX, as we know it, is dead. This amazing camera that has given me some of the best stills and 4k images that I have ever seen. It totally mystifies me.










But wait, a rumor comes up hard charging to the front of the pack claiming that Samsung has sold the camera division to Nikon.

Silence from Samsung for days, until a denial, of sorts, from Samsung. In American Photographer, Samsung representatives say that “they are not selling the camera division to Nikon”.

But ahhh, dear media mavens, could the devil be in the details?

Could semantics be holding us at bay until the formal announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show? Could the word “selling” be the culprit? Should we exchange that with “partnering”?

A new rumor today says that Samsung has a full frame camera waiting in the wings. Why have the abstruse distractions? The answer is as clear as mud. At least until CES.