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JVC Gets New Log Mode Plus Real 4K

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JVC’s GY-LS300 4KCam Super 35 camcorder has an exciting goody for its owners next month! JVC is adding a new film-emulating JVC Log shooting mode to maximize latitude and dynamic range. In addition, the LS300 will begin boasting stunning recording modes! Cinema 4K (4096×2160) and Cinema 2K (2048×1080). A definitely more attractive feature to independent filmmakers.

The version 2.0 firmware will also add a new Prime Zoom feature that uses the camera’s unique Variable Scan Mapping system, which changes the active area of the image sensor. With an MFT prime lens, the camera can create a 2.3x “zoom” for HD via variable scan mapping or a 1.25x zoom for 4K. You can think of it as an electronic lens extender that achieves its result by altering the size of the image capture area on the sensor, meaning it works for zoom lenses as well as for primes.

Also new is a histogram display, a color-matrix adjustment, an exposure spot meter, and a black-point setting. A new 70 Mbps recording mode enables 4K recording on Class 10 SDHC/SDXC memory cards.

“We listened to our customers and made sure this firmware upgrade delivered the features they wanted, as well as recording modes specifically designed for the 4K digital cinema market,” said JVC Manager of Marketing and Brand Strategy Craig Yanagi in a prepared ststement.

The GY-LS300 has a MSRP of $4,395 (body only) but the current street price is more like $3,495 after an instant rebate.

Source: : http://www.studiodaily.com