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Kandao Qoocam DNG8 Raw+ Workflow

To shoot DNG Raw+, turn in your Qoocam and also open the Kandao supplies a free app called Kandao Raw+.

You load the eight images from the camera before stitching them into the Kandao Raw+ app, and it merges the images into one HDR image.

Next, you import the images into Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to adjust the image to bring out the stunning range of color and light. Finally, after rendering them, you import the dual images into the Qoocam Studio to stitch them together.

You do need to set up the shot just the right way; otherwise the 3D doesn�t work.

Twist your camera into the VR 180 3D profile and get your subject in place.

You want to keep the camera about 2 to 3 feet away from your subject, and you want your subject to be isolated without anything too close to him or her or it.

Your color contrast and your background textures and lighting will affect how well your 3D photo will look.

Once you’ve taken your shot open up the phone app and download the image. Next press the refocus button on your subject in the app. You can adjust the strength of the background blur with the slider at the bottom of the app.

The final step involves you uploading it To the Qoocam 3 D photo page on Facebook. Qoocam Will do the rest and post your 3 D photo on the page. You can then share it to any place else that you’d like.