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Leaked Details on Toshiba’s New 4K TVs


Toshiba, known for its laptops recently showcased its new series of 4K Ultra HD TVs. Though the UHD TVs are still in prototype stage, Toshiba announced its official launch on the European and North American markets at some point in 2015! Toshiba promised, yet not revealed, some serious quality behind their 4K displays. Toshiba is no stranger to 4K technology.

The company has already released a number of new high end laptops that all have 4K display resolution and are aimed at professionals and gamers. However, the land of large flat screen TVs is a slightly less developed territory for the electronics manufacturer. Though still sketchy, we’re expecting that by next year, it’s introductory price shall be a whole lot cheaper compared to 4K TV prices today 🙂

Source: 4K.com