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Merry Christmas Everybody

TRAIN – “Merry Christmas Everybody” from Manhattan Place Entertainment on Vimeo.

To all of our friends,

If you want to get a jolt of the holiday spirit, check out Train’s latest hit song “Merry Christmas Everybody”.
The Grammy Award winning band debuted the song on network television with this featured performance that first aired on CBS on November 22nd.


It has great significance to us because Manhattan Place Entertainment not only produced the video of this musical performance, we produced the entire (1) hour network special that it appeared in.


Since first airing on “The Chef’s Classic”, the band has performed “Merry Christmas Everybody” for national television audiences on NBC’s Today Show and at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Train’s holiday album “Christmas in Tahoe” just like Santa… has taken off!


In case you missed it, wanted another opportunity to watch it, or feel ready to be catapulted into the holiday spirit, we are happy to provide you with your very own command performance of Train’s “Merry Christmas Everybody”!


Please enjoy, and of course… Merry Christmas Everybody!