New 3D Fuji Camera Can Display Content On A 3D TV

Last year, Fujifilm debuted the world’s first consumer-oriented 3D compact, the Real 3D W1. Today, the company announced the successor to the Real 3D W3. 
The new 3D point-and-shoot sports several improvements over its predecessor. The most significant upgrade would be the inclusion of a 3D HD video-recording function. This is one of the first cameras that can output content to stereoscopic 3D format, allowing mainstream consumers to capture high-definition 3D movies with ease. Additionally, the camera sports a mini-HDMI port, so users can connect the shooter to a compatible HDTV to view the images and videos stored on it. The LCD display has also increased from 2.8 inches on the W1 to 3.5 inches on the W3.

As with its predecessor, the W3 has two lenses spaced 75mm apart to simulate the space between the human eyes. Behind the optics are two 10-megapixel CCD image sensors. Other than producing 3D pictures, the dual-lens setup lets users take two shots at various lens or image setting.

The W3 captures 3D video in a special AVI codec and it comes with an HDMI output that allows for seamless playback on any of the current 3D TV models on the market.
That tech allows the captured video to have a multi-dimensional appearance, but of course must be viewed with special active shutter glasses to merge the two simultaneous videos together.

Users who really just aren’t in a 3D mood can also toggle between 2D capturing as well.

The Real 3D W3 will be available in the US from September at US$499.95. We have yet to receive any confirmation on availability and pricing of the camera in Asia, but will update once we receive more information.

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  1. I have seen that these days, more and more people will be attracted to video cameras and the subject of images. A freaking 3D camera is so going to change the game up…totally stoked for this concept.Thx for the good suggestions I accumulated from your web site.

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