New Asian 4K Documentary Ready for Release: Muay Thai Madness

Muay Thai… Siam Boxing… Le Sport Orient…

No matter what name you give it… This Science of the eight limbs has exploded on to the world stage. It has spawned a “madness” unlike any other. A multi-cultural phenomenon that has swept the world. What is the secret behind it’s broad appeal? Join us as we explore the mysteries of Muay Thai Madness!

Let me show you the world through my 3D and 4K eyes! Take me with you wherever you go with our new App on the iTunes Store, It’s free.

Watch it now! 

muay-thai-madness-4k-trailer-content-digital-samurai-al-caudullo-wai-kru-1 muay-thai-madness-4k-trailer-content-digital-samurai-al-caudullo-wai-kru-3 muay-thai-madness-4k-trailer-content-digital-samurai-al-caudullo-8 muay-thai-madness-4k-trailer-content-digital-samurai-al-caudullo-2

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