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New Season of Championship Manager Kicks off with Its New 3D Match Engine

The Championship Manager last year was a success as the series made a decided effort to reclaim its Football Manager “glory days”. Though some of the features were improved, there were still black spots, making the aim for this year better; develop information flow and make user-friendly…and much more.

The game now features vibrant info displays which adjust to what you’re viewing at the time. Screens are also easier on the eye because of the sleeker windows and fine background movements. This is really good considering that you could be watching at these for a couple of hours.

Play Championship Manager in 3D

There is a bunch of improvements aside from its physical attributes. The biggest of which is the custom-made 3D match engine. Perhaps this should have been included last year, but at least it’s here now and it works. It is a very basic interpretation of the pitch, but the players move smoothly. It features some advanced animations, such as falling over after particularly stretched crosses.

In addition, there is also a set-piece creator which lets you set up free kick and corner positions for your players, with up to five phases per set-piece. You can then watch the 3D match engine rehearse it, before tweaking it. Their effectiveness will vary according to your team.

New season of Championship Manager kicks off on September 11 on PC.

source: computerandvideogames.com