PhotoFast iOS Card Reader Breaks the Memory Barrier











I love my iPhone, but no matter how much memory I get, it is never enough. My current iPhone is a whopping 128GB and I still ran out of room. My two biggest culprits are pictures and music. Then there are the video files of new TV shows that I am creating. I want to show them to clients or buyers or even friends, to get their thoughts.










Well, I just met my new best friend, or accessory, if you will. The PhotoFast iOS Card Reader. Mine came with a 64GB micro SDHC card. at only 3.3cm or 1.3 inches, this is the smallest microSD card reader that I have ever seen. Yesterday I loaded a new VR video that I wanted to test with my Homido VR Headset. I loaded it on to my PhotoFast iOS Card Reader and plugged it into my iPhone. The VR video played right from the PhotoFast App on my VR Headset. It was fast and easy to use do.










While Apple has come out with a Lightning to SD Card reader, the PhotoFast MicroSD Card Reader does so much more. More video & image file formats, more audio file formats, document files, better file management with the free iOS App as well. With all the talk about battery life, the PhotoFast iOS Card Reader answers that beautifully with specially designed low power consumption Micro SD Cards.










All total there are an impressive 31 functions that you can execute with the PhotoFast iOS Card Reader. Check out the attached chart to see what you can do with it. This device has broken the accessability barrier between your iPhone and any other device that you own. Easy transfer between iPhone and PC or Android devices.

Backup to cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive. back up your social media acounts, your calendar, contacts. Even make private voice memos that you can switch over to any device when you need to.

This is a simple, yet amazingly powerful device. Every iDevice owner should have one.


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