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RED Raven Priced to Fly at $5950

Cranking it up…. #RAVEN4K120fps

Posted by Jarred Land on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So here is what just broke on Facebook by Jarred Land.

Red Raven for only $5950 for the Brain only. The RED Fanboys are going nuts on Facebook and Redit

A few things we now know based on leaks from a bunch of  people in the know about  RED

  • 4K at 5:1 Compression
  • Upto 120FPS
  • Dragon Sensor “20.48mm wide, a bit shy of Academy 35mm and APS-C. All your APS-C / S35 lenses should cover”
  • Weapon Style body
  • Built in Wifi
  • Fixed Canon mount (possibly others)
  • Fixed RED Media SSD bay (you will need Mini Mags)
  • Claims of sub $10,000 shooting kit