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SENSIO® 3D Technology Also Enables Broadcasting of 2D

SENSIO Technologies Inc., inventor of the SENSIO®3D technology, presents a premiere at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) of the new functionality offered by SENSIO® 3D technology: live broadcasting of 2D content in 1080p60/50. In addition to enabling broadcasting in 3D, SENSIO® 3D technology also enables broadcasting of 2D in 1080p on the existing distribution infrastructure, currently limited to 1080i, without adding bandwidth.

Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO’s President and Chief Executive Officer, says, “We are extremely proud to enhance our product offering, and to demonstrate that SENSIO has an added value in the transmission of both 2D and 3D content. We now have a complete solution to offer broadcasters that enables the transmission of live 2D and 3D events both into movie theaters and into the home.”
Demonstrations will be offered in the International Datacasting Corporation booth, located in Hall 1 at Booth C29. The first will demonstrate broadcasting of 2D content in 1080p/60 and the second will be a 3D demonstration. With a 3D camera system and an encoder and decoder equipped with SENSIO’s technology, visitors can film themselves in front of the cameras and see themselves live in three dimensions on Hyundai IT’s LCD HD 3D television.

source: pr-usa