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Sharp PC-Z1 Supports 3D Graphics

Sharp PC-Z1 is going to launch a netbook-like device with  5-inch touch screen designed to run Internet-based applications.

Sharp PC-Z1 is easy to carry just like mobile phones and gives users performance just like PC’s. Surely, people who always want their computers at hand will love this.

As stated by the company, they are placing the Sharp PC-Z1 as a “third mobile tool following in the footsteps of notebook PCs and mobile phones to create a new market”.

Sharp PC-Z1 weighs 409 grams and has 68-key keyboard for data input. Its battery can last up to 10-hours.

Just like netbooks, it is a low-cost laptop with small keyboards and screen. It comes with  Freescale’s iMX515 processor.  The processor is based on Arm’s Cortex-A8 core, which can scale in performance up to 1GHz. The chip supports 3D graphics and can play back high-definition video.

Sharp PC-Z1 will be on sale in Japan this September 25. Price still unannounced.

Sharp PCZ1 support 3D graphics

source: pcworld.com