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Sony PlayStation VR is NOT Really $399

With a great intro video like this, maybe Sony thought we wouldn’t notice that the $399 sticker does not give you everything that you need to actually play the PlayStation VR system. So here is the FULL story of what you need.










First, it won’t work at all without the Playstation Eye Camera which costs around $50.











Second, many of the games will require Playstation Move Controllers which go for about $49 each.










And BOOM, there it is. Add somewhere around $150 more to the price. The price is still better than the starting cost for the Oculus Rift at$599 and that doesn’t include the super PC that you will need or the controllers.








If you look to the HTC ViveVive, you will start out shelling out &799 and, again, you need a super PC to run the system.

It seems kind of silly not to package it together and come in at about $900. But that is a better question for Sony marketing gurus. Maybe you guys should all email them? What do you think?