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Spotliter Video App Lets Really Touch Your Videos


With what is billed as the first iPhone Video Camera App built for the touchscreen generation, Spotliter lets you tap, slide and pinch your way to cool videos with your smartphone. I have been playing around with this app quite a bit and having a lot of fun with it.
Even the same scene can come out with a multitude of different variations, making a truly unique video every time you use it.
It is definitely designed for the social media crowd as well. Share videos with your friends and family which is the click or two.
Below is the press release and details.


Unique Touch Effects Such as MAGNIFY, FREEZE and B&W2COLOR Enable User to Tap or Swipe Finger to “Spotlite”
Part of the iPhone Video Screen, Such As Friends’ Faces or Specific Objects

NEW YORK – Spotliter (www.spotliter.com), a new mobile video camera app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, launches today, enabling users to apply sophisticated effects while videos are being recorded simply by tapping, pinching, swiping, or sliding fingers on the screen. Spotliter’s touch effects and filters are unique, and not available on any other iPhone video recording app. Spotliter, for example, enables users to add a zoom feature (MAGNIFY) to a friend’s face in a video, or change a specific object from black & white to color (B&W2COLOR) while recording the actual video.
Download Spotliter from the iTunes App Store at: http://appstore.com/spotlitervideo
Designed and developed by netomat, Inc., a pioneering company in mobile video and web technologies, Spotliter is the first video recording app built to take full advantage of the latest touch-enabled smartphones with chipsets capable of sophisticated video processing.
A new generation of interactive video effects, touch effects allow iPhone users to tap, slide or pinch their fingers on the camera screen to “spotlite” specific areas of the video being recorded. When users select an effect, a message briefly appears on the viewfinder telling them which touch actions can be used with that effect.
Spotliter introduces 12 unique effects that enable users, with a simple touch, to record extraordinary, high-definition videos. These include Magnify, Freeze, B&W2Color and Searchlight, which were early favorites of beta users.
With Spotliter, a user can:
· select the B&W2Color effect to spotlite a taxicab driving across the camera screen in color while the rest of the screen appears black and white, simply by tapping on the cab and swiping his finger as it moves;
· select Magnify and magnify just her friend’s face singing in a recital while the rest of the group appears at normal zoom;
· select Freeze and, while recording his daughter playing softball, tap the screen to freeze just her swing as she hits the ball while the rest of the screen and game records in regular motion. The user then simply double-taps the screen to stop the freeze effect;
· produce 6-second videos or capture an entire event. User videos are only limited by the storage on the device and the user’s imagination. Spotliter videos are saved to the device’s Photos gallery so the user may view, trim, and share Spotliter videos like any other video;
· apply effects, switch effects, and switch between front and back cameras all while recording. The user can also pause, position the touch effect and restart recording to compose the perfect video.
Kris Ramanathan, CEO and Co-Founder of netomat, said that “Our goal for Spotliter was to make a video camera app that offered powerful, sophisticated effects yet was very simple and intuitive to use. We wanted the user’s first reaction to be ‘yeah, this is how a touchscreen video camera should work.’ It was also extremely important to us that the touch effects themselves were not only fun but truly useful in helping people tell their stories in their own particular ways.”
“We believe the future of video recording and editing is real-time and touch-based, where the user can add an effect to any part of the video or portion of the screen with just a movement of a finger,” added Maciej Wisniewski, netomat’s CTO and Founder. “Touch-based effects create so many new possibilities for users to create memorable videos – we have a dozen effects now and several more planned for upcoming releases.”
Use the hashtag #spotliter to share videos publicly so that Spotliter can discover and feature them on www.spotliter.com or at www.facebook.com/Spotliter.
Spotliter is optimized for the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 and the iPod Touch 3 and 4 and 5.
About netomat
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