Stop Sitting! Stand and Deliver!


Sitting too much is not healthy!

More than eight hours a day of sitting can shorten your lifespan. As Editors sometimes that’s a short day. The stories have incited many to action. They have spurred sales of stand-up desks. Your buddy just got a new electronic, hydraulic, remote control stand up desk that whiz’s up and down at the touch of a button. But our normal editing environment with the keyboard and mouse makes it difficult to do anything but sit without the aid of a stand-up desk. So why not just, stand and deliver? Before you jump online or run to the store to plop down a bunch of hard earned cash, there is an alternative answer.

Ring-side live action
My latest project is a ten episode TV series called Bangkok Fight Night. It is a weekly show where we shoot an evening of Muay Thai boxing. With a modest budget we shoot with two cameras and have to deliver weekly a 90 minute show. That’s a whole lot of fast action cuts between those cameras to deliver the best action shots. And that would normally equate to at least three to four days of sitting in front of my edit suite.
The post process starts with downloading my clips using a load from Red Giant Software. In this case I don’t need Bulletproof because all I need to do is download and get a reliable backup.

Bangkok Fight Night-Trailer-01 from Al Caudullo Productions on Vimeo.


The Tools
Next I set up my trusty iPad for with a free app from, called CCP.  After that from the site download the CCP server. The server is available for Mac, Windows and soon Linux. It is a small application it starts up with your computer every time that you open it. By doing so it allows you to communicate with your iPad and the CCP app. There are two versions of the app available one is a Lite version which is free. The second currently cost $4.99, truthfully a small price to pay for a very valuable app.
Once you have the CCP app installed, you are left with two choices. You can build your own interface for if you sign up here you can download the version that I have created for myself. This is totally free of charge.

To load the hello my Edius layout onto your iPad, open iTunes and the app section. Scroll down and you’ll see “file sharing” find the CCP app click on it and you’ll see the CCP documents. Click “add” at the bottom and search to wear my layout is clicked on it and add it to the “layout browser”. Close out of iTunes by applying and when you open CCP app again the layout will be available to you.
From there it’s really simple open Edius, load your project, pick up your iPad and connect the app. Then edit, standing, sitting, walking around the room. Anything that you want to do you can do with this app.
The truth is I’ve been using this App for over a year now. I started standing and editing long before it became the newest vogue. For me it just seem like the natural thing to do. Give it a try you won’t want to stand all the time but it certainly is nice to be able to do it to give yourself a rest from sitting. Gee, that kind of sounds funny to say.
The Freebie
Feel free to modify my layout to suit your needs (download them all below). Want to play around with it? I’m sure you’re going to see how easy this is to use. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions and I will trying get back to you as quickly as I can in between standing up and editing at my studio.
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