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The Coolest Remote for your HTPC, 50% Off the Price!

Although this item is not strictly 3D, it is a fantastic accessory for your 3D home theater system or any home theater system.

Back at the 2008 CES Show, I reviewed what I consider to be the “Coolest Remote” in the world.

This remote is much more than a mouse. It’s a total control system for your HTPC (home theater PC). ‘Very similar to the Wii remote. All you have to do is point it at the screen to control all your functions. It even comes with a virtual keyboard. Now, you can get this amazing remote at reduced price.

Here’s an excerpt from Hillcrest recent press release:

While the Loop can be used with any variety of software or Internet browsers, it is ideal for use with Hillcrest’s free Kylo(TM) web browser for TV. Kylo lets users visit any site on the web with a browser that was specifically designed to be viewed from a distance in the living room or dorm room. The Loop and Kylo provide dads and grads with an affordable and compelling new way to view and interact with online content on a PC or Mac connected to the TV.

Hilcrest Labs has come out with a new web browser that you can use to surf the web using your existing flat screen TV connected to your computer. The kicker is that it is does an amazingly effective job of optimizing the Loop remote.

The Kylo web browser works seamlessly with you Loop remote to control and view any web content. I just downloaded and installed Kylo on my HTPC. The browser feature a wide variety of pre-loaded content including online sites for Youtube, Disney Channel, Animal Planet and Sy-Fy. The fonts are big and buttons are wasy to access and the on-screen keyboard is one of the easiest that I’ve ever used. And by being able to access Youtube, you can watch the 3DGUY free 3D content on your new 3D TV with ease.

Plus for those of you using Windows 7 Media Center there is a way to put Kylo into your application so that you can use your loop remote to not only control Kylo but your Media Center as well. Contact me at al(at)3DGuy.tv for more information if you wish to do this. Visit our 3D Store to purchase the “Coolest Remote”.