The Droner’s Guide

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Drones are fast filling our skies and while they are loads of fun, there have been quite a few mishaps. Add to that the people who have no apparent common sense and fly their new drones in places that they really should know better. Places like near airports, schools and oh yes, The White House front lawn.

While technology has made them easy to use. The real point is knowing the right way to use them.

This is where my friend Tim Trott comes in. like many of us Tim was bit by the flying bug early. He says it goes all the way back to watching Kirby Grant and Sky King on TV. Watch out Tim,you are giving away a your age there, buddy. Tim even has stories about getting to meet his idol before he passed away.

His hobby faded until he spied the DJI Phantom a few years ago. The romance of the air was rekindled and Tim realized that what the public

really needed was a comprehensive guide on how to properly and safely fly a drone. He has the credentials having completed the Unmanned Experts Initial Qualification Test, the AOPAs Unmanned Aircraft Systems Mini Course and even has qualified to take the FAA written PAS test through Gold Seal Ground School.

The book takes you through everything from Basic Training to preparing you for licensing and Codes of Conduct. Well written and accurate, this is the book for anyone who is serious about flying in this new age. I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone who flies a drone read this. Even if you don’t go for a license the book gives you extremely valuable info about flying and drones.

It is available exclusively on Amazon for only $3.95.

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