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The New and Improved Sony Ci Workspaces 2.0


Sony is very excited to share Ci’s latest features as the solution for media professionals and companies working with large media files!
Meet the new Workspaces 2.0!
Since launching back in Sep 2013, Ci has rolled out many features and improvements under the constraints of our original layout & design assumptions.
Ci’s latest updates include improvements & features to make the Ci experience even more user-friendly.

Read on to Ci all the goodies in Workspace 2.0.

  • VideoReview is easier to start, supports multiple clips & improved streaming.
    New ImageReview
  • Image Review is available for users to annotate & compare still images & art.
    Aspera Connect 3.6 Upgrade
  • We are supporting Aspera Connect 3.6 prior to Chrome’s plan to turn off support for NPAPI.
    Protect Your Content
  • Ci now offers an add-on feature: Visual Overlay Text Watermarking for preview MediaBoxes.

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