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UHD Live Production: Only 1 Wire

Grass Valley Webinar-UHD Live Production – All your content Only 1 Wire-s

With the rise of UHD and the demand for more bandwidth rapidly increasing, a scalable solution for live production television is greatly needed. A solution which can be workable now and survive into the foreseeable future can be achieved with the magic ratio of 4:1. This magic ratio is the compression ratio of TICO, a mezzanine compression algorithm that offers the speed and quality needed for live production applications.

This Grass Valley webinar will cover where and when to use compression in general and the value of adding lightweight compression to your workflow, regardless if your infrastructure is SDI or IP, providing a scalable solution that will enable 4K on one wire. The qualities of a successful compression algorithm will be discussed and common issues, such as timing and latency, will be addressed.


The 60 minute webinar will address:

  • Why use compression – and what type of compression?
  • How well can TICO scale?
  • What are the challenges of UHD and how can compression help?
  • How can you build today and be ready for tomorrow?
  • What about timing?


Event time:

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
8:00 am PDT, 11:00 am EDT
4:00 pm GMT, 5:00 pm EST