Universally Active XPAND X104 3D Glasses

XPAND X104 YOUniversal 3D Glasses - Package

XPAND X104 SX2 YOUniversal 3D Glasses

Meet the XPAND X104, with the capability of watching active 3D on any active 3D TV.


The features and specifications of the X104 YOUniversal glasses include:

1. Availability in three different sizes: Small (5.5-inches W, 1.83-inches H, 6-inches D), Medium (5.67-inches W, 1.67-inches H, 6-inches D), and Large (6.43-inches W, 1.83-inches H, 6.47-inches D).

2. Available in two-tone color combinations: Small (red/white and blue/black), Medium (white/black only), Large (blue/black and white/black).

3. All glasses designed to fit over prescription eyeglasses.

4. Active LCD Shutter 3D technology.

5. Synch Method: IR (built-in) and RF (via plug-in dongle). The X104 provides three ways to synch the glasses to a 3D TV or video projector: IR Auto Detect, manually by repeated pushing of the on/off/IR protocol button (can be cumbersome), and via access to the online firmware updater software application.

6. Built-in Lithium ION rechargeable battery (135mAH capacity – 35 hours under normal use), 3.5 grams (.12 ounces) weight.

7. Supported TV, monitor, and PC video card brands (active shutter models): Acer, Bang and Olufsen, HP, JVC, Panasonic, Nvidia, Panasonic, Sharp, Vizio, LG (IR synch models), Samsung (2011 models with RF synch only). Also compatible with Mitsubishi, Philips, and Sony – but some models may also require external 3D emitter to be plugged into the TV. The X104 is also compatible with XpanD 3D emitters, as well as movie theaters that use the XpanD system.


X104 YOUniversal Active Shutter 3D Glasses provides not only a built-in rechargeable battery, but also can work with either IR or RF-based 3D emitters (the transmission devices that send a 3D synchronization signal from the TV or video projector to the glasses), and even provides access to online firmware updates and customizable user settings via PC software. The glasses even come in three sizes.


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Source: Xpand.me


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