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Vuze VR Studio Adds More Features With Update

Human Eyes Technologies, the people behind the Vuze XR camera have just announced an update to the Vuze VR studio software adding additional features and improvements.

Hi everyone, I’m Al Caudullo for 360 Today.

First up, a couple of previous updates worth noting.

Human Eyes has added IQ improvements, in the last firmware update, which means more detail and sharper images.

In the Vuze VR Studio software, You now have an adjustment for both shake and horizon correction in 360. Adaptive stitching is also working for the Vuze and Vuze+ camera but not for the XR.

Fo your VR180 images, Vuze VR Studio will automatically create a reference frame at the start of your clip and optimize the VR180 Alignment. You can also remove that alignment point and choose another if you so wish.

You can now choose to look at your preview in red/cyan anaglyph form. In addition, when you render your clip, you have the choice of rendering in Anaglyph. Be sure to change your Aspect Ratio to 1:1 for Anaglyph Renders.

Your choices are




Or Red/Cyan Grayscale

This is a very important part of the upgrade as it lets you check you images to make sure that you haven’t gotten too close and have bad 3D.

Whether you choose H.264 or ProRes as your render format, by selecting Custom, you can now choose your quality settings with choices from 10 Mbps all the way up to 120 Mbps.

For 360 in the new software update, you get speed control. Keep in mind that audio will be removed for speeds more than 4x.

It does not work for VR180.

With 360 you can also output anaglyph versions of the video.

These are some very significant upgrades to the Vuze VR Studio software. This is the only software that I know of that gives you Anaglyph preview and render options.