Wellington: First-in-the-World to Watch Cameron’s Avatar 3D

Yes. You read it right. It will be Wellingtonians  to first watch James Cameron’s Avatar 3D in the world. The fact that most of Avatar’s settings were shot at Wellington, Wellingtonians really deserve to be the first-in-the-world to view the much awaited movie of the year.

The general manager of  Twentieth Century Fox New Zealand, Mark Croft says, “We like the idea of bringing the film back to where it came from and want to pay tribute to all of the highly skilled creative people involved in this extraordinary film.”

There would be free tickets to be given away before the screening so Wellingtonians were advised to secure one ahead of time.

On the same day, movie trailers of  James Cameron’s Avatar 3D will start playing on cinemas in New Zealand and on selected parts of the world. The “reveal of Avatar”…

James Cameron’s Avatar 3D movie has so much to reveal.


To view Schedule of Screenings, visit scoop.co.nz

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