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What the new BT 4K live sportscast channel will cost?

This is BT Sport’s new premium Ultra HD 4K live sportscast channel-s

BT Sport is bringing the first ever live sports channel in 4K ultra HD resolution to European audiences in August, 2015 and after several weeks of somewhat vague information, we now finally know what that channel is going to cost subscribing consumers. If you need a digital TV aerial installed in order to enjoy this then be sure to look for a TV Aerials Sale to save you some money.

The broadcasts in full 4K glory will begin as of August 2nd and these proceedings will be kicked off with an FA Community Shield football (soccer in the U.S) match between Arsenal and Chelsea. After this, only a couple of other events will follow throughout the month of August, including the Premier Leagues matches and the Silverstone MotoGP, which will be available in 4K video but in the month that follow a wide and constantly growing selection of football, rugby, racing and other sports matches will regularly be shown in full 4K resolution.

Now, moving back to that monthly cost for accessing this still thoroughly unique service in the world of sports broadcasting: according to BT, the monthly subscription will run UK viewers to the tune of 15 British pounds per month. Of course, as the most expensive package the company offers in its tier structure, the so-called “Entertainment Ultra HD” doesn’t just consist of the 4K content we mentioned. It also comes with all other BT Sport offers combined. Thus, subscribers willing to spend the extra £ will also get their hands on the regular BT Sport Pack, all Freeview channels, 47 “premium” channels access to a bunch of catch-up services and of course the monthly 4K programming that’s going to grow as the year goes by. Those simply wishing to watch free channels on their televisions could look at the products from Humax allowing them to access channels via their ariel or satellite – https://www.humaxdirect.co.uk/.

In other words, the new 4K-included package costs 5 pounds more than the current most expensive tier, which is going for £10 per month and is called “Entertainment Plus”. Basically, the extra 4K offerings cost a £5 monthly premium.

Read more at http://4k.com/.