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World Exclusive! 2D – 3D iPhone Application

Enjoy 3D video like you’ve never seen it before on your iPhone or iTouch.

We are going to show you the new truly amazing iPhone or iTouch 3D application, anyone can download his free application from the iTunes Application Store.

This application,  based on a 2D to 3D conversion technology, needs no glasses or lenticular optics,  and has been developed  by 2D-3D Video Inc. (http://www.2D-3Dvideo.com).

His founder Craig Summers, as an employee of Apple Computer,  worked on the launch of QuickTime VR

Authoring Studio a well-known software that become an industry standard but excluded 3D objects, motion parallax and video. Whereby Summers founded in 2002 a company called Motion Parallax.

What started as a photo-3D software project soon turned to video-based rendering, funded in part by the National Research Council of Canada.

In early 2005,  Summers company released a program called Hologram Controller designed to translate body movements into navigational movements. User were able to track his own movement with a web cam, and converts the movements into mouse or keyboard movements for natural movement control navigation in a 3D game or virtual tour. The name was derived from the ability of the software to allow you to look around things on an ordinary computer screen, the same as if looking at a true-dimensional hologram. However this kind of image processing requires good contrast and edge detection. With motion sensor now appearing in the iPod Touch, the iPod Nano and many smartphones though, there is a much more robust way to control the viewpoint in 3D video.

So thanks to the motion sensors built into the iPhone, Summers has been able to create a unique depth map system based on “motion parallax” that is able to track the object as it moves on the screen and in your hands. Yet Summers approach works with ordinary smartphones, using the motion sensor, and there are a lot of 3D games that do this already, but 2D-3D Video Inc. is the only one with the ability to control the perspective on a handheld in running video.

2D-3D Video Inc. company sees the mobile phone market as a prime candidate for 3D technology and that’s because it is a rapidly expanding market. There are new touch-screen phones coming out from the main manufactures. The iPhone has caused the whole industry to move in this direction.
So the initial focus for this technology was navigable video, despite the possibilities are endless: Movie trailers, commercial promotions, even an online series.

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We are proud to announce that Explore will be creating a new series of Explore World TV especially for the 2D-3D application for the iPhone.  And when you start downloading content you will have the option to be notified as new content is available.

So thanks for watching and I‘ll see you again soon and the next time may be in 3D!

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