Daily VR Fix

Your Daily VR180/ 360 VR Fix: Marijuana Goes Legal in Las Vegas at Planet 13 Part Two

Recreational & #Medical #Marijuana is now legal in #LasVegas #Nevada and #Planet13 is the largest #Cannabis Dispensary in the world. Watch this exclusive #360video report inside this amazing facility. If you unfortunately don’t live near this outstanding dispensary, look at medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois and other states to get your medicine. Those who are interested in learning more about medical marijuana may want to visit someone similar to these 420 doctors in pennsylvania for more information. However, even with the legalization of marijuana, there are still some states that will only allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes with the use of a medical marijuana card. Depending on which state the resident resides in, they will have to be certified in order to receive their marijuana card. If a resident wants to be certified they would have to go to their doctor to do so, however, some companies even allow MMJ certification by phone, making it easier for residents who are unable to get to their doctors to apply for their certification. Those who are found using marijuana without a card could be fined or find themselves in legal trouble. There is information available online about nevada marijuana laws from places such as GreenBits that might be able to help.

I hope that you are ready for your daily fix of VR juice. Drink it up, there will be a new one tomorrow.

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Order the Insta360 One X here and get a FREE Selfie Stick!

What is 360 VR Video?

360 video is a video that is recorded in all directions at the same time with multiple cameras. The videos are stitched together either internally in the camera or externally using special software.

It then forms one spherical video that is controlled by the viewer, enabling them to look up, down, right or left at their discretion.

Is 360 Video Virtual Reality?

I want you to be the judge.

Recommended MicroSD Card for use with the Fusion 360 camera

Recommended MicroSD Card for use with the Fusion 360 camera

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GoPro-Fusion-Tripod-Mount-1_4-20-screw-thread for GoPro Fusion

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