Today’s Immersive VR Buzz: ‘Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 2’ Review – Shorter Story, Awesome Dojo Action

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The second installment of Star Wars: Vader Immortal is here, the narrative-based VR adventure that tosses you back into Darth Vader’s mysterious Imperial fortress situated on the lava planet Mustafar.

Like the first episode, which we gave a respectable [8/10] in our review, the second is pretty short but also includes a “Lightsaber Dojo II” where you can use your newly acquired force powers to battle waves of enemies for hours of frenetic fun.

This episode is, however, shorter than the first, although the new Lightsaber Dojo is a welcome addition that puts both your dueling abilities and force powers to good use.


Word of advice: Vader Immortal serves up a unique narrative that’s particular to the VR experience, and although Star Wars superfans can probably guess what’s going on, you should really consider playing the first in the series before heading onto this one.

Episode one is an awesome experience that’s really worth playing, and you won’t need to be a super fan to enjoy it either.

The same is very much true for the second episode; it’s a visually impressive and well-realized experience that shows a mastery of the VR medium, but at only around 30 minutes of the story it feels just a hair too thin to be considered a truly worthy followup as far as the narrative mode is concerned.

You’ll certainly be able to find lesser experiences at the $10 mark but look no further than the first episode for an example of a game that seems to be right on the money in terms of story and dojo-style replayability.

Here, it seems ILMxLab is serving up a shorter story but tries to make up for it with a more diverse training dojo.

In the narrative part of the episode, you can basically forget your lightsaber tactics learned from before, as you’re introduced to new force powers, namely the ability to telekinetically grab and push certain items while in combat.

Although using the force to fling rocks and enemy droids felt noticeably less skill-based than the lightsaber duels from the first episode, the novelty alone was enough to keep the new game mechanic feeling fresh at every turn, as you use to force to lob projectiles at a four-armed Rancor, and force-grab and toss various enemies to their demise.

Using the force is easy; you simply point your open palm at an item to select it and pull the grip button to pull it closer to you.

Making a throwing motion and releasing the grip sends it flying in your chosen direction. A small haptic buzz and an illuminated aura let you know you’ve selected something.

Thankfully there’s also a fair bit of auto-aim here, so targeting and then tossing a rock at a baddie feels natural and not at all like a chore.

I say ‘thankfully’ because the game gives you precious little time to practice your force powers before the narrative truly takes off and you quickly arrive at the story’s next cliffhanger and end credits, something that comes far too soon for my tastes.

If you’re looking to polish those force skills and pair them with a measure of lightsaber dueling, Lightsaber Dojo II is where all of your moves are combined into an even more hectic battle.

The dojo’s 50 levels not only test your ability to prioritize targets (all of which have handy audio and optional visual cues for easier location) but make the split-second decision between a number of attack styles.

You can not only use all of the saber dueling tactics from before, but now you can force-throw your lightsaber like a boomerang, activate strategically placed traps, force-grab enemies and toss them at one another for a double-kill, and mix and match all of these in the way you feel is most effective.

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