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Learn VR180 and 360 Skills at the Immersive University

Welcome to the Al Caudullo Immersive VR University. Here you will find all the VR 180 and 360 VR tutorials in one place for you to access easily.

If you don’t find what you need then send me an email, and I will try to get a tutorial done on the subject.

I hope these help. My wish is to see everyone shooting GOOD Immersive content.

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List of Classes:

  1. A Quick Start Guide to 360 VR With The GoPro Omni
  2. How To Do Basic 360 Video Stitching with AVP
  3. How To Remove a 360 Rig with Kolor Autopano
  4. Hands-On Tutorial For The Kolor Omni Importer 2.6
  5. How To Remove the Rig in 360 Photos With Photoshop
  6. How To Use the Omni Importer for 360 Photos
  7. Mettle Skybox Studio V2 Hands-On Review
  8. How To Patch the Nadir Using Mettle SkyBox and After Effects
  9. How To Remove 360 Rig With Mettle Skybox Composer 2D Edit Method Two
  10. How To Use Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Transitions 2
  11. MochaVR Beta Steps Into 360 VR Post Production
  12. Using Red Giant Plural Eyes for 360 VR Videos
  13. The Essential Tools of the 360 VR Trade
  14. How To: Use RE: Vision Effects, RE:Lens Plugins For Stabilizing 360 VR Video
  15. How To Use RE: Lens Plugins to Make Single Lens 360 & to use Defish Plugin
  16. How To Use Mettle Post FX 2 -SkyBox Color Gradients And Adobe After Effects   
  17. How To Use Mettle SkyBox Digital Glitch in Adobe After Effects
  18. How To Use Mettle SkyBox Fractal Noise in Adobe After Effects
  19. How To Do 360 Aerial Videos on a Budget by The 360 VR University
  20. Hands-on With iZotope RX 6 Advanced and Dialogue Isolate
  21. How to Get Great 360 Aerial Videos With New 3D Printed 360 Camera Mount
  22. 360 Secrets of Red Giant Trapcode 14 & FREE STUFF from 360 VR VOICE
  23. Hands-on with the Best Consumer 360 Camera for the Money-The Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360
  24. Hands-on With the BenQ PD3200U Powerhouse Monitor
  25. Adobe CC 2018 – Premiere Pro 360 VR Updates- Setting Up Your HMD
  26. Adobe Premiere CC 2108-Immersive HMD Setup Part 2
  27. How to Use MantraVR for Premiere Pro CC 2018 Transitions- Immersive Training
  28. Exclusive Report-GoPro Fusion Studio-Part One
  29. Exclusive Report-GoPro Fusion Studio-Part Two
  30. Exclusive Report-GoPro Fusion Studio-Part Three
  31. Getting Started With The GoPro Fusion 360 Camera
  32. GoPro Fusion Series-Starting Up and Quick Capture
  33. GoPro Fusion Series-Fusion and the Blueshape Bubblepak
  34. GoPro Fusion Series: Stitching using Fusion Studio
  35. GoPro Fusion Series: GoPro Fusion Studio Now Truly Delivers Near-Gimbal Stabilization
  36. GoPro Fusion Series: Removing a Car Rig with After Effects
  37. The Story of the GoPro Fusion and the USB-C Cable
  38. Tutorial for BCC 11 360 VR Tools
  39. GoPro Fusion Secrets to Extracting 5.7K Video from the 360 Camera
  40. The Story of the GoPro Fusion and the USB-C Cable
  41. GoPro Fusion Series-Using the New RAW Photo Feature in Fusion Studio
  42. The Best 3D 360 Camera Value Available Today, the Vuze+ 3D 360 Camera
  43. How to Stitch K1Pro Files-Adobe Premiere VR180 Tutorial
  44. How to do Titles-Part One-Adobe Premiere VR180 Tutorial
  45. How to do Titles-Part Two-Adobe Premiere VR180 Tutorial
  46. How to do Export with AME-Adobe Premiere VR180 Tutorial
  47. Vuze XR: The VR180-360 Dual Camera Tip for File Numbering Your Shots
  48. Vuze XR VR180 & 360 camera Processing Your Files
  49. Adobe Premiere VR180 Tutorial: Importing and Conforming VuzeXR Video Files
  50. Adobe Premiere Tutorial: Twixtor V7 for VR180
  51. Adobe VR180 Tutorial: Red Giant Universe 3 and the VuzeXR
  52. Vuze XR Gets Wireless Connection to Oculus Go via DLNA
  53. The Insta360 VR app for Oculus Go & Gear VR
  54. VuzeXR Mobile App Tutorials Number One
  55. VuzeXR Mobile App Tutorials Number Two
  56. VuzeXR-Basic 360 Edit with Vuze Mobile App
  57. VuzeXR Mobile App Tutorials Pan and Scan 2D edit from 360 video
  58. VuzeXR Mobile App Tutorials- Basic 2D edit from 360
  59. Learning How To Make AR Logos With Mantra-Step-By-Step
  60. Video of Learning How To Make AR Logos With Mantra-Step-By-Step
  61. Create AR Spheres That You Can Walk Into With Mantra!
  62. What You Don’t Know about the Pico Neo 2 Eye May Shock You!
  63. Secrets Behind Pico Neo 2 Eye-Encoding, Shortcut Keys & More
  64. Back to Basics Series-360/VR180 Camera Bootcamp with VuzeXR
  65. How To Increase Profit For Video Creators Part One
  66. How To Increase Income With TOPAZ LABS VIDEO ENHANCE AI
  67. The Brave New World of VR180 with the Canon R5 & the Atomos Ninja V+
  68. Real Reviews – Atomos Ninja V+ and Canon R5 w/ the VR180 Lens Part One
  69. The 3D VR180 Canon R5 Video You Can’t Stop Watching

  70. Real Reviews- The R5 and R5C Compared Everything You Need to Know
  71. Can You See The Difference? 60fps vs. 30fps in 3D VR180 video.

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