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This just came in to me this morning and I wanted to pass this along to everyone.

It’s Here – Your Complementary Mettle SkyBox Suite

As you probably know by now, Adobe has acquired SkyBox Suite, and will be making it part of After Effects and Premiere Pro by the end of 2017. Read More.

As part of our commitment to a seamless integration for our customers,  you now have an additional SkyBox Suite in your Mettle account,

with 10 activations.

It looks like this in your account:





Great News – It uses a new, easier license activation system.

This took us a bit longer than expected, but we think that you’ll appreciate the faster registration process. Thanks for your patience.

You only need to register any of the SkyBox Suite plugins,

and all the plugins will be registered.

NOTE: It requires the latest installers from your Mettle account.

You may not need the new Suite. You can continue to use your existing license keys as well – we’ve added 10 activations to each of those! They also work with new installers, but those earlier license keys still need to be individually installed.

All the best,

Team Mettle

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