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3D Audio Experience…Cool on 3D Games

Triton Technologies’ AX PC Pro is a gaming headphone that will allow the user to hear every little sound. It provides the maximum performance due to the strategically placed 8 precision speakers. According to Triton “It is a 3D audio experience, which might be very cool once 3D video games start to surface on PCs”.

AX PC Pro Features

• True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset
• 8 Precision Speakers With Individual Sound Field Controls
• Optimized Two Way Communication
• Standard USB connection

Inline Audio Controller
• Master Volume Control & Mute
• Microphone Mute
• Individual Sound Field Control

• Optimized for Computer Gaming
• Durable Rigid Design
• Easily Detachable

3D Audio Experience…Cool on 3D Games

source:  segmentnext