3D-TAU Technology: 3D’s Future?

Designed to provide autostereoscopic 3D experience and multiple angles of the same view without using special glasses or other wearable devices and without viewer head tracking for unlimited viewer count, here comes the recently introduced 3D-TAU technology.

3D Tau, a company based in Vilnius, Lithuania, created this tech with an idea of embedding it directly into a new generation of screens for televisions, computer, and other displays.


Features of 3D Tau Stereo-Step-Eclipse Technology

  • Easy to use: No special glasses, helmets or head tracking are needed and there’s no need to perform dynamic adaptation for any particular viewer.
  • Multi-view:  A scene can be visible from multiple angles depending on the viewer’s position relative to the screen. Different users will see different views when looking from different positions.
  • Unlimited viewer count: Multiple users can look at the screen and all of them will see the view from their perspective, as there is no user tracking.
  • Thin layer and lightweight construction: Only three thin, additional layers are applied on top of standard LCD panels.
  • Low power consumption: The system requires only small amount of electricity or computational power for its operation. The primary power consumption is from a special LCD shutter that creates the 3D viewing experience.
  • No image resolution loss:  The lens and shutter technology allows precise focusing of the view and keeps the same image resolution as the primary image display.

How It Works

The SSE screen consists of three thin layers on top of a standard LCD screen: a rear-facing lenticular, an LCD shutter and a front-facing lenticular. While enabling the multi-angle display of 3D images, SSE technology preserves the full native screen resolution of the primary LCD screen. It requires no complicated holography equipment and takes up roughly the same space as a traditional screen.


Source: http://www.stereoscopynews.com/

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