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3D Treatment for Virtual XenDesktop

The marketer says that the new technology conveys a high definition 3D experience across any network and in any location whilst maintaining the wholeness and security of information by still admitting it to be hosted on a centralised server.

Raj Dhingra, group vice president and general manager, XenDesktop product group at Citrix Systems claimed, “Unlike other participants in the market, we ve invested 20 years in innovating what it takes to deliver desktops and apps to users, XenDesktop with HDX Technology provides the only desktop virtualisation solution that can deliver the best possible user experience for every user type without sacrificing performance over the LAN or WAN.”

The vendor called upon market research experts IDC to backup its assertions that it is at the forefront of investment and innovation in the virtual desktop arena.

“Desktop virtualisation, and XenDesktop in particular, has really picked up steam in 2009. A critical success factor to mass adoption in the enterprise remains the ability to ensure a PC-like experience over any network, which is particularly critical for employees who work with high-end graphics, design software, animation and the like,” confirmed Michael Rose, research analyst at IDC.

If Citrix is to be believed the HDX 3D consumes 10 times less bandwidth over the WAN and LAN than choices, while still offering a high-definition user experience, which allows enterprises to execute virtual desktops without going through any pricy network upgrades.

source: itp.net