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3D TV Menu Systems Complicated?

Despite of the 3D technology in place, be it color filter glasses, shuttered glasses, polarized glasses or no glasses, users aren’t going to want to either remove their glasses or otherwise switch back to a two-dimensional experience just to change the channel, and simply laying a 2D menu over a 3D broadcast doesn’t cut the mustard.

3ality Digital, the 3D film production company, has partnered with Nagravision to create a set-top-box menu system that works with any 3-D capable television.

Nagravision team leader of consumer electronics Frank Dreyer said, “Once you have a TV that has a 3D mode, you need to stay in that mode in order to change channels, buy video-on-demand, see what’s on next, and that sort of thing.”

If the three-dimensional aspect it isn’t presented perfectly (or somewhere near it), viewers can experience eye strain or even become nauseated – hardly the desired effect when designing a guide people will deal with every time they tune in.

source: wired

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