3D TV Satellite Delivery

The European Space Agency (ESA) says it is making  a project involving development and deployment of a 3D television satellite delivery system.

The ESA said the project, consists of 3D televisions and standard reception equipment being set up at selected sites in Europe.

Transmission of a continuous European 3D channel began earlier this year, with the channel offering a range of program lengths and material, including sports and short films and trailers. Events telecast in live 3D will be added later, officials said.

ESA said in a statement, “two types of reception sites are being created: one mimics a home environment using longer content, while the other is a public venue with shorter content.”

The 3D channel is being transmitted from the ESA’s Eurobird 9A satellite, with videos transmitted in a modified side-by-side arrangement. To view them, a 3D-capable television and appropriate glasses are required, officials said.

ESA supports 3D TV satellite delivery

source: upi

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