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3DVista Drops Breakthrough VR Software

Playing the new 3D Vista Gamification VR Tour

I am three-quarters of the way through my first in a series of tutorials on working with 3D VistaVR software when the premier software creator dropped a breakthrough beta release on us all.

The view when you start the game

Now beta releases always come with the caveat that being “beta” means that it is not complete yet, and some bugs may snag us along the way. Having worked with beta software, I only know too well the pain and frustration that can come from being a “tester” (read guinea pig). But in this case, I step up willingly with great anticipation for the results.

Click to play for yourself

You see, it’s been a long time since virtual tours have seen this kind of a bombshell. In a word, E-Learning. Virtual tours are great, I love them, and I think they are an essential part of any company’s marketing efforts. But simple easy to create E-Learning interactivity is pure genius.

Not my best score!

With the E-Learning, you can create games, quizzes, and interactive learning experiences. E-Learing means that your virtual tours have now taken on a whole new level of interaction and fun. Instead of just seeing a place, you can create a game where viewers score points and reveal hidden treasures.
This a fantastic leap forward. And the best part of it is that you don’t have to be a coding whiz-kid to create your E-Learning tour. It’s all GUI-based and relatively easy.

Example of Quiz

The example here is a first-person paintball shooter complete with plenty of paint splatters. In the example, you need to hunt down and shoot the bad guys before they shoot you. I tested it out on both my smartphone and my PC. Both worked equally well, but I think I preferred my PC and my nice big 32″ screen. You get to choose between beginner and expert.

Click this link to try it for yourself.

But beneath the gameplay is the promise of using virtual tours for education and so much more. The ability to have hidden items and have a multiple-choice quiz is already there waiting for you.

I’ll be including a tutorial on using this great new feature in my series.
Congratulations to the talented team at 3D Vista for taking us to the next level!

If you are ready for this then head over to 3D Vista and download the free trial software or better yet dive in and buy the software for only 499 Euro or around $540 USD. That’s right, you buy it! No subscriptions! I like that. How about you?

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