Adobe Premiere Tutorials QooCam VR180

As you probably know Kandao Qoocam is one of the new breeds of convertible dual cameras. It can shoot both 4K 360 and VR180.

I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on how to work with the Qoocam in Premiere.

Shooting VR180 with the Qoocam is a straightforward process, and I’m not going over that in this tutorial.

Once you are done shooting the next step is to import your videos into your computer.

The next step is to open the Qoocam Studio app on your computer. You will click on the “editor” icon

Once open, you can either drag and drop or click the add button and select the videos that you want to stitch together.

The Qoocam Studio software will work for both your 360 and VR180 videos, but for now, we are going to work with the VR180 videos only.

You have several choices, but I use the Equirectangular Projection.

Depending upon the shot I will use the Anti-Shake if needed.

You can either turn on or off the Color Correction

Finally either add to Queue or jump straight to Render

The last choices that you need to make are if you want Mono or Stereo and 3dh which is side by side format or 3dv which is over under format

The other choices that you can make are the quality setting and the resolution.

Once those are decided to select where you want the video rendered to and render away.

Bringing the rendered videos into Premiere is a very straightforward process of opening Premiere and setting up your project.

Then simply drag and drop or right click in the project panel and import the videos into Premiere.

Select one of your videos from the Qoocam and drag it into the “New Item” icon and Premiere will create a timeline with the video at the proper settings.

Editing is pretty normal from there out. You can check your 3D using the Oculus Rift if you have it in the Adobe Immersive Environment.

The other method is to click on the Toggle VR Video Display. If you have some anaglyph glasses then simply open the tools menu, go to VR Settings and then Settings. That will open a panel where you can choose to view your video with the left or right eye only or Anaglyph mode.

Add transitions, titles and anything else your creative mind can come up with and finish your masterpiece.

If you need additional help you can go to 360VRVoice dot com and step into the Free Immersive University where you can find over 50 tutorials on all aspects of 360 and vr180 video creation.

Also feel free to pose your question if the coments below and I will try to help you out.

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