Awesome World of 3D Awaits…


LG and Spatial View has realized that a 3D TV is as good as it can get, only with its content. There is truth to that statement, with proper 3D content, your 3D set is now unlocked, enabling you to experience the way 3D is supposed to be seen. Spatial View now has an app on LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, allowing viewers to access various 3D content from animations to short films, from major content providers, including yours truly, Explore Media Group (3DGuy Productions). 3DGuy has been providing quality 3D content to Spatial View and 3DeeCentral, making 3D accessible and affordable to viewers across platforms.


Also available by Spatial View is the new 3DeeCamera, available on the iTunes store for the iPhone 4S. But before hitting the blues for those iPhone 4 owners out there, you’re not missing out on it! 3DGuy has tested this amazing application with his iPhone 4 and together with the 3DeeSlide (http://www.3deecentral.com/catalog/product/8180), you can easily snap 3D pictures of your friends and family and adjust it to create an AWESOME 3D picture. As simple as that, and also have it on your phone wherever you go. Taking a good 3D picture has never been easier.