B&H Photo Opens Pre-Order for GoPro Fusion 360 Camera

So the Best 360 Camera of 2017, the GoPro Fusion is now available for Pre-Order from B&H Photo in NY. Why is this a big deal? It still can only ship to the USA but there is one thing that makes buying the Fusion from B&H Photo instead of GoPro Online shopping. Namely, the insurance that you can get! B&H Photo offers a three plans:

  1. 2-Year Drops& Spills $100.99
  2. 3-Year Drops& Spills $128.99
  3. 4-Year Drops& Spills Basic Protection for $64.99

So how does that compare with what GoPro offers?

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Well, Go-Pro only offers a 2-Year Protection Plan at $139.99. That’s $30 more than B&H Photo.

Plus, let’s look at what the fine print says about the deductible. You have to pay a $129.00 Claim Fee. So, in reality, the GoPro Protection Plan cost you $ 268.00 to replace your Fusion if it breaks.

Taking a look at the B&H Photo Drops& Spills Plan, you pay $100.99 for the same two-year protection, and the big deal is that there is no deductible!

So that means if you drop your beloved camera off a cliff to the rocks below, it will only cost you the $100.99. The quick math reveals that is a $168.00 savings!!!!

So if you don’t have one yet and are waiting to buy, the time is ripe! The best buy is to Pre-Order your Fusion from B&H Photo and get one of the Drops&Spills Protection Plans!

That’s pretty significant!

If you can please support me buy ordering from here, I get a commission and you pay nothing extra.

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