Cameron Pace Group Proves 3D Isn’t Dead

While many are eager to write off 3D TVs claiming it has had its time and does not represent the future of home entertainment scene, here comes a development that could force them to think otherwise. The Cameron pace Group (CPG) along with ESPN 3D` and CBS has been nominated for two Sports Emmy awards.


“Our thanks to the National Television Academy for its recognition,” said Vincent Pace. “Both the ESPN Winter X Games and the Masters Golf Tournament are internationally recognized for excellence in sports broadcast. CPG is proud be a part of that tradition to innovate the sports experience for the viewer.”


CPG is the brain child of Hollywood legends James Cameron and Vincent Pace and has been recognized for its coverage of the ESPN 3D’s Winter X Games 16 and the 2012 PGA Masters Golf Tournament. Thirty four cameras were deployed to cover the action in the 2012 Winter X Games in Aspen. The coverage also… keep reading…



Article by Sovan Mandal of Goo3DTV.com



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