Cinemartin Loyal LT Series of Monitors Close-out

 I just got word that the extremely popular Cinemartin Loyal LT series of monitors will cease production on May 2017.  The entire LT line has been bought by a big customer (we cannot disclose more info).
The LAST 3rd batch already sold out will be delivered by the end of April.
The current batch (4th) is now available to purchase as of now and will be the last one, will be very limited in units (there may be a slight increase in price), as we will cease sales of LT series on April or before if we sell all the 4th batch before, after that will be no more units.
So if you have plans to purchase one unit, do it before this 4th batch (last one) is sold out.
Cinemartin wants to thank the media including this website that contributed space to let you know about the availability of this amazing monitor, produced by a small company like us.
Thank you to all customers that have been patiently waiting for this exceptional amazing monitor series we’ve been released and made history with, to be Cinemartin the first ones to release a 99€ FullHd monitor with up to 4K video input.

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