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Colorista IV Becomes Your Color Correction Teacher










Recently, Red Giant debuted the new Magic Bullet Suite 13. The essential suite of post-production tools has been revamped with many new attributes.

Included in this newest iteration:

Magic Bullet Looks

Magic Bullet Colorista IV

Magic Bullet Denoiser III

Magic Bullet Mojo II

Magic Bullet Cosmo II

Magic Bullet Renoiser

Magic Bullet Film

The one thing that all of them have in common for Adobe CC users is the new real-time playback functionality. This alone makes it worth the upgrade, but Red Giant didn’t stop there. Renoiser is a brand new tool and the popular Denoiser has been completely rebuilt from the base code up.

I am going to start with my personal favorite Magic Bullet Colorista IV.

I will be getting into each tool and the new functions and features, but this first hands-on video shows off the new Guided Color Correction feature in Colorista IV. this is a fantastic and easy to use way to make sure that you have color corrected your properly.

Keep watching this site for more videos.