Creators can now make Avengers-style Visual Effects at Home using Free Video Software

NORWICH, UK, May 10th 2018 – FXhome ( ) today released the latest version of
HitFilm Express – the only free video editing software to include over 410 professional visual
effects and presets. With over 2.4 million users worldwide, HitFilm is the fastest growing video
editing & VFX software in the world and includes free comprehensive tutorials and customer
support for the next generation of content creators.

To celebrate the launch of HitFilm Express, FXhome has released ‘ Assemble ’; an
Avengers-themed series of in-depth tutorials and VFX content showcasing the professional visual
effects that can be achieved inside of the completely free software. From lightning to Iron Man
thrusters, users will be able to download project files to recreate shots at home.
“We’ve entered an incredibly exciting new period of development for HitFilm Express,” says Josh
Davies, Founder, and CEO of HitFilm. “This new version is filled full of Pro-worthy features,
including super powerful motion graphics tools and new viewer controls for 360° video! We’re
proud of the fact that our development is spearheaded by our users and we are confident that
HitFilm Express is growing in the right direction to provide filmmakers and creators with
accessible, powerful and easy-to-use software.”
Whether creators are looking for an editor, a visual effects toolkit or a supportive creative
community, they start their journey with HitFilm Express. Much more than just a powerful editor,
it also includes professional animation tools, 360° video tools, and over 410 advanced effects and
presets such as lightning, smoke, and explosions. Just like their Pro software, HitFilm Express also
comes with a promise to its users that they will receive regular free updates to the software
containing new technology and features as they are developed.
Designed from the ground up to run on consumer-level computers, the new version of Express
contains advanced Pro-level effects including heat distortion, lightning and sci-fi themed
light sword, powerful audio tools, new export queue options and much more – including the ability
to animate in the editor timeline, motion graphics enhancements and performance tools. HitFilm
Express has everything a creator needs to get started and offers additional flexibility through a