Daily VR Fix

Your Daily VR Fix, Today: First VR Wedding at San Francisco City Hall

Who else would shoot his own daughter’s wedding in VR, besides the 3DGuy himself? So here it is, the FIRSt VR wedding at the Historic San Francisco City Hall. For history and romance lovers, this is the place where Joe Dimaggio married Marilyn Monroe.

So are you engaged couples out there going to have your wedding shot in VR?

We all know that VR is hot. But they say that there is no content! Not so, true believers! We want to give you, your daily fix of VR juice. Drink it up, there will be a new one tomorrow. You can watch on your PC or better still, use your Homido VR HeadsetHomido Mini VRSamsung Gear VR  or Google Cardboard . With your Homido, you can open this easily by opening the Homido Player app, then simply click and play the video.

Leave a comment below. Let us know what you like or don’t like. If you have seen a 360 VR video that you think is awesome, tell us and we will feature it.

What type of VR Headset you own? Or do you watch with your computer? Smartphone?

Do you have a VR camera? Ricoh Theta SKodak PixPro SP360 4K ?  Samsung 360 gear ?