Dailymotion Goes 360 VR







Not one to be left behind, Dailymotion has begun it’s own 360 VR player. You can now immerse your audience in the interactive experience of 360 videos. Do even more with your videos by sharing every angle—from the crowd behind the concert, to the sky above the trick shot. For an amplified experience, 360 live streaming is also supported.

Videos in 360 give you a whole new way to connect with your viewers, build your follower base, and stay on the cutting edge of content. Plus, the upload process is simple. Upload today and you’ll be featured when we introduce 360 videos to our users.

Get inspired by 360 videos that have already been shared, or upload your own. What will your angle be?

The Dailymotion player supports 360-degree spherical videos on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers on desktop. 360° video viewing is also supported on mobile browsers running on Android.

Viewing 360° videos

On desktop, click and drag on the player to “look around” the video.
On mobile, simply tap and swipe your finger OR tilt and move the device around.

Uploading 360° videos

Before starting the upload, make sure your video file is equirectangular and includes the 360 “Spherical Video” metadata.

Some 360 or spherical cameras already adds this metadata to your video file.

Otherwise you need to add it yourself using the “360 Video Metadata Tool” available here for Mac and Windows.

Open your MP4 video file with the 360 Video Metadata Tool, select the “Spherical” checkbox, click “Save as” and upload the newly saved video to Dailymotion.

We recommend uploading 16:9 aspect ratio 360 video sources in 4K (3840×2160) resolution.

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