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emotion3D SSX3, The Game has Changed

emotion3D announces Stereoscopic Suite X3 plugins for The Foundry’s Nuke


emotion3D announces the upcoming release of its award-winning suite of stereoscopic plugins for The Foundry’s Nuke platform.  The Stereoscopic Suite X3 for The Foundry’s Nuke features emotion3D’s unique toolset for working with stereoscopic material, bringing the exceptional functionality of SSX3 to a new group of artists.


SSX3 for The Foundry’s Nuke includes automatic stereoscopic color matching, vertical alignment and temporally smoothed disparity map generation tools which are accelerated by Nvidia’s CUDA powered graphics cards, as well as depth budget adjustment, 2D dimensionalization and new perspective view tools, opening an entirely new toolset to the Nuke user base.


Key features of the Stereoscopic Suite X3 for The Foundry’s Nuke include:


  • Color matching plugin for automatic matching of image histograms, providing a choice of which eye to match to.


  • Disparity Map manipulation nodes such as Disparity Structure and Disparity Smoothing, for refining disparity maps.


  • Image weighting options for newly created views, allowing artists the option of which eye to pull pixels from for inpainting operations or to correct focus matching problems.


  • Depth to disparity, disparity to depth, and disparity clipping nodes for use in compositing operations.


  • Novel view creation and 2D dimensionalizing nodes, for changing or creating the depth within a given scene.


  • External viewer node for viewing resulting images on a stereoscopic display.




With the addition of The Foundry’s Nuke to the list of supported applications along with Adobe’s After Effects, emotion3D’s SSX3 unique toolset will be available to an even wider range of artists and facilities.  With the ubiquity of The Foundry’s Nuke in the stereoscopic market and SSX3’s unique toolsets for dimensionalizing 2D content and working with native S3D material, now even more facilities will be able to provide comfortable S3D content, whether for theatrical release, broadcast, or glasses-free digital signage.


Says emotion3D’s Vice President of Sales Gary Meyer, “The Foundry’s Nuke has been the primary compositing application on the majority of S3D releases since the reemergence of 3D, and we are very excited to bring emotion3D’s Stereoscopic Suite X3 to the platform.  SSX3’s exceptional toolset brings new levels of quality, interactivity and analysis to Nuke pipelines, greatly improving rendered results in a manner that is immediately apparent.  Feedback on the SSX3 toolset has consistently been overwhelmingly positive and as someone who has a long history with Nuke, I am proud to be a part of bringing these tools to the Nuke community.  ”




emotion3D’s SSX3 for The Foundry’s Nuke plugins will be available for download on the emotion3D website www.emotion3d.tv as of 17th April 2013. Pricing is set at €7795 per license, with annual support and maintenance contracts available by contacting emotion3D at sales@emotion3d.tv or via emotion3D’s worldwide network of system integrators.


Company Background

emotion3D GmbH is a high-tech Austrian company that serves the 3D film industry with powerful solutions for editing shot 3D content. Its award-winning Stereoscopic Suite X is used internationally by 3D post-production teams for depth grading, fixing rogue parallax, remastering for different targets and converting stereoscopic 3D content to “glasses-free” 3D display formats.  emotion3D is supported by the impulse program, distributed by the Austrian Wirtschaftsservice GmbH, and receiving funding from the Technology Agency of the City of Vienna (ZIT).


 Source: Press Release