Exclusive Report-GoPro Fusion Studio-Part Three


As we go down here to our images Let’s take a look at the options. You can do either JPEG or TIFF’s and again you can either leave the D-warp on or turn it off.

Then depending on where you put your export location here in Settings.
When you click render all, it will automatically start rendering everything to that location.

Are we going to move up here to the top, and I’m going to click render all, and I want you to take a look at how fast this process is.
This first one that it’s rendering is a thirty-second video.
And let’s stay with it and see in real time how fast it’s going to go ahead and do the stitch and render for us.


Notice down here we’ve got a progress bar that shows us how fast the stitching is going along.


And it will keep updating us with information as it moves further forward.


And notice all of your other clips have a waiting sign on them letting you know that they’re not quite ready yet to go forward.

We’re up to about seventy-five percent now.


Your progress bar is reflecting all of your clips and how fast it takes to get through them.

And then we’re going to move it over here, and we’re going to open GoPro VR Player 3.0 and drag the file into view.



My Oculus Rift is hooked up and its opening up. And here I am moving the headset around a look at that beautiful area in the Nadir. A very very small area that you have to take out.

You could almost leave it in, and it would make any difference.

To the side you see we have no seems that are visible.

Turn around to the other side and take a look. Beautiful, no seems at all. Let’s look at the back now.

I’m using the headset to move it around here.

Let’s go full screen on it and take a look.



Beautiful imagery.

Very very good dynamic range as well.

I’ll have more stories for you on the fusion and how to use it and we’ll have an exclusive hands on unboxing and setting up the fusion coming up soon.


I hope you enjoy this review of the GoPro fusion studio and stay tuned there be a lot more videos about the fusion.

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