Where to Find the Immersive Tools in After Effects CC 2018

I’ve been contacted by many of my 360 VR Video friends out there, and they said, “You did that video about where everything was in premiere pro what about the new after effects” so here are the new Immersive VR Tools in the New Adobe After Effects.

First, all over here in Effects, you have Immersive Video, and you have a whole bunch of things there.

Here is the list:
VR Blur
VR Chromatic Aberration
VR Color Gradients
VR Converter
VR De-Noise
VR Digital Glitch
VR Fractal Noise
VR Glow
VR Plane to Sphere
VR Rotate Sphere
VR Sharpen
VR Sphere to Plane

Which will get into what each of these does in a later tutorial but now only show you quickly where your other things that you need are located. So first, let’s go to Window/ Extensions/ Mettle Globe Preview and here’s where you have your Mettle Globe Preview and your Mantra VR Portal.

Let’s click that, and it’ll bring up the Mettle Globe Preview window.

And of course, we’ll get into how to use that later on as well.

In the window folder if you go down to the bottom you’re gonna see something called the VR Comp Editor. If you go ahead and click that you’re gonna get your familiar Add 2D Edit and Add 3D Edit Window. With those found, you can perform all the functions that you have been using all along.

With that control, you can replace the Nadir or do stabilization or anything else that you need to work on.

It’s really very easy. It’s just a little bit different where things are the located. But now everything is much better integrated into Adobe After Effects CC 2018.

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