Gamify your video – in minutes!

Gamify your video – in minutes!

parWinr’s innovative software lets you quickly turn any video asset into an online game, providing enhanced engagement and generating useful data for marketers and educators.

Gamification of Videos for Businesses

parWinr software game-authoring tool is easy to use. Any company who engages consumers with videos can use our tools. parWinr for rest of us: brands, networks, corporations, agencies, government, military and non-profits use it to monetize video assets.

For advertisers and marketers, it is a game changer. parWinr takes advertising and marketing to the next level by allowing clients to turn their ads into engaging games that challenge their audience and offer them rewards in the form of promotions and prizes.

For educators, it is the next big step in online learning. While students have fun learning with games that replace tests, the instructors collects students’ performance.

For enterprise, it is an easy and effective way of training employees. And it is fun and effective way of learning for employees.

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